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Davis Cup: The team’s squad for Latvia has been determined, a debut for Ural Kimchi

Israel will compete next weekend in Riga to remain in the 1st European/African house. Ehrlich will serve as captain and will not play, the 19-year-old ranked 771 in the world will join Lasham, Zuckerman, Oliel and Simon

At the weekend (February 4-5) the Israeli national team will meet the Latvian national team in the Davis Cup at the Arena in Riga, the capital of the country. The team will compete for the right to remain in the 1st European/African group, while the loser of the two will be relegated to the 2nd group. The Israeli national team squad includes the veteran captain, Yoni Ehrlich, Idan Leshem (25, 355 in the world), Daniel Zuckerman (27, 357 in the world), Yishai Oliel (23, 482 in the world), Sa’ar Simon (21, 661 in the world) and Oral Kimchi (19, 771 in the world) who won his first call-up to the Israeli national team. in the Latvian squadYou can find the 34-year-old Arsent Gulbis, who at his peak was ranked among the richest in the world and is currently in 314th place. For Gulbis, this will be the last match in the team’s uniform.

The captain of the team, Yoni Ehrlich, shared before the match against the Latvian team: “I am very excited for next weekend in Riga. This is my first match only as a captain, without taking an active part on the field. It’s a strange and exciting feeling, and I trust them with my eyes closed and believe that we can do the job. Oral Kimchi joins us for the first time as a fifth player and I’m excited for him. The players and the professional team do all the preparations in tournaments abroad to get in the best shape they can canfor the meeting”. The games will take place next Saturday (February 4) starting at 12:00, and the next day starting at 12:00.

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