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“We are alert and believe in our ability to stay in the regional house for another year”

The Israeli Davis team is finishing its preparations for the meeting in Riga against Latvia that will begin on Saturday: “A good opportunity for us”, added Ben-Zvi, one of the two coaches

The Israeli Davis team is busy with final preparations for the meeting with Latvia, this coming weekend in Riga. Tomorrow (Friday) the draw will be held for the order of the games that will start on Saturday at 12:00. The blue-and-white players’ squad: “Most of our squad took part last week in the Future competition that took place in the hall.The goal was to spend time together and build together for the meeting. We have a difficult task to try and get all the guys in the best shape for the meeting. We are determined to do our best.” Yoav Ben-Zvi, who also serves as the team’s coach together with Shev, notes: “Latvia is not at its peak, a good opportunity for us to succeed in this meeting. We have proven throughout history that when we play with the flag on the table, we know how to excel, what’s more, our players arrive in good shape for the meeting. This is a good opportunity to congratulate Oral Kimchi, a young player whose future is still ahead of him. He will conduct his first baptism of fire in the national team, and for him it is definitely a leap forward.We are all prepared for this meeting and believe in our ability to stay in the regional house for another year.” All its meanings make the players get the best out of themselves. The players will be accompanied by a professional team that includes two coaches, a captain, a physiotherapist and a masseuse.” Regarding the chances in the upcoming meeting, Dank says: “It is difficult to assess the fitness of the two teams, since it is still the beginning of the year. At the same time, it looks like our players are starting to get going and look not bad at all for this period. I amI believe that the high-quality training and the full envelope will help them arrive at this meeting perfectly prepared”.

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