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Neymar participated in a poker tournament in Brazil Katlo: “He is especially good at Tiktok”

A day after the loss to Bayern Munich, the Brazilian participated in a night tournament in Paris. In his homeland they attacked: “He may be strong in France, in the Champions League he is nothing”

Neymar started his season in Paris Saint-Germain with a storm. He scored and scored non-stop, but came back very badly from the World Cup break and looked like a shadow of himself. The Brazilian displayed a terrible ability in the 1:0 loss to Bayern Munich in the first match of the round of 16 of the Champions League and received criticism from all directions. While in France the reports are increasing that Paris is determined to sell him in the summer and in England they claim that Chelsea is a candidate to acquire him, the Brazilian is busy participating in a major poker tournament in Paris. But if you thought that the reviews in FranceHarsh, so they are soft compared to the criticism in the media in his native Brazil. “Neymar is a shame, Mbappe contributed more in five minutes than he contributed the whole game,” attacked the net commentator who hosts the sports program “Os Donos da Bola”, “he is better on Tiktok and Instagram than on the field. The failure of Paris has a name and it is called Neymar “.

“People give Neymar too much respect in France,” it says. “He may be strong in France. But in the Champions League he contributes nothing. He has no explosive power, speed and is completely disconnected. He is easy prey. Kidnappers He easily had the ball, in the past it wasn’t like that.” In Brazil, Neymar is not forgotten about the failure in the World Cup, where he was mostly injured and did not save theThe Selecao are eliminated in a penalty shoot-out against Croatia in the quarter-finals despite scoring. And meanwhile, in France they are covering the poker tournament in which the Brazilian played last night until the wee hours of the night. This is a tournament where you have to pay 10,000 euros just to enter it and according to the report Neymar does it privately. Radio Monte Carlo wondered about Neymar’s timing, a day after the loss to Bayern Munich.

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