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Greenfeld Reinschreiber confirmed a bizarre own goal, and on the continent they were amazed: “Unbelievable”

The Israeli team in the match between Leverkusen and Monaco did not disallow a goal for the French after what seemed like a clear foul, in “The Sun” and on French television they reacted, and the goalkeeper who stood in the eye of the storm criticized: “How come the referee didn’t use VAR? It’s insulting”

Oral Greenfeld often referees games in the European factories and most of them go relatively smoothly, but yesterday (Thursday) he was involved in a controversial moment in the match between Leverkusen and Monaco in the Europa League. In the ninth minute of the game, Leverkusen’s goalkeeper Lukasz Hradecki received the ball in the penalty box, and Barel Embolo ran towards him enthusiastically. The Swiss striker seemed to hurt the goalkeeper in a certain way, who got confused and pushed the ball into his goalhe. The replays showed physical contact between Ambulo and Hradecki – albeit relatively light contact – but Greenfeld and the VAR referees who were supposed to back him up, Roy Reinschreiber and David Foxman, approved the goal. Hradecki and Leverkusen coach Xavi Alonso reacted very angrily to the decision not to intervene and disallow the goal, and the strange move soon became viral on social networks.

French television broadcast the move repeatedly, claiming that “there was a clear foul”, and recalled In another case where Karim Benzema scored in a similar case against Gigi Donnarumma. The “Sun” devoted a separate article to the bizarre moment. “Unbelievable,” read the headline, “Fans can’t believe the own goal by a goalkeeper for BerkusenOsher.” “The fans reacted in shock when they saw the bizarre goal, and Hradecki has good reason to feel deprived,” they wrote. “Berkozen reacted with rage, but referee Oral Grinfell didn’t think they had a good reason to be angry, even though the replays showed that Ambulo did not touch the ball at all, but only in the goalkeeper’s shoulder. At the end of the match, which ended in a 2:3 victory for Monaco, Radetzky visited Greenfeld. “You have to ask the referee why he didn’t disallow the goal. For me, it was a clear foul. Their player pushed me, and I fell uncontrollably. How is this not a foul? It’s really insulting. I don’t understand how the referee didn’t disqualify the goal immediately, Or at least rewatch the move with a VAR call.I knowOne thing – without the player’s push, the ball would have stayed at my feet. But now nobody remembers it”.

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