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Tremendous goals for Kabazdalia and Osiman, Napoli’s gap at the top grew to 18

The Georgian star scored at the end of a wonderful slalom (12), the Nigerian doubled from an impossible angle (33) and the Italian leader beat Sassuolo 0:2. Cooking for Melda in Belgium, Lyon surprised in France

The 23rd round of the Italian league kicked off this evening (Friday) with another masterful display by the champions on the way, Napoli, who beat Sassuolo 0:2 away. Thanks to the victory, the southerners rose to an unimaginable balance of 62 points out of a possible 69, when once again the big heroes were the two stars of Luciano Spalletti – Haviche Kabzadalia and Victor Osiman. In the 12th minute, the Georgian star raced in a wonderful slalom from half The pitch to the end of the extension, and from there he sent a flat kick into the net that determined 0:1. In the 33rd minute it was his turnof the Nigerian striker, who shook his keeper in the area and from an impossible angle sent a missile into the net and determined the result of the game. Thanks to the victory, Napoli’s gap at the top temporarily grew to 18 points, and now it can focus on the first match in the round of 16 of the Champions League – against Eintracht Frankfurt on Tuesday.

* In Belgium, Younes Melda came on as a substitute and scored 2:2 of Machlen against the leader Genk. The Israeli striker scored for Nicola Storm to make it 1:2 in the 75th minute, but Brian Heinen scored a point for the guest four minutes into added time.* In France, the 24th round started with a big surprise. Okzar from the penultimate place in the table enjoyed a lightning turnaround and defeated the disappointing Lyon 1:2. MusaDembele scored for the guest in the 36th minute, but the host came back from the bottom thanks to a penalty by Gaitan Fern in the 51st minute and a winning goal by Jubal two minutes later.

Saturday’s games in the Italian league: Sampdoria – Bologna Monza – Milan Inter – Udinese

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