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“Playmaker is better than Messi”: Ronaldo’s cooking drove the fans crazy

Cristiano’s masterful delivery, who scored twice in Al Nasser’s 1:2 victory, drew praise: “Wake me up when Messi does something like that”

Cristiano Ronaldo already dominates the Saudi league. Yesterday (Friday) he helped Al Nasser climb to the top of the table after a 1:2 victory over Al Tawan, in which the Portuguese scored both of his team’s goals, with the first one garnering the most compliments. Ronaldo’s diagonal deep pass to Abdelrahman Garib, with one touch and inside the defense, excited the fans who poured in praise on Twitter. “Call me crazy, but he is a better playmaker than Messi,” declared one tweeter. “It’s not crazy,” responded another surfer. “Wake me up when Messi does somethingThis one,” asked another fan, and the fourth added: “It’s bigger than what Messi did in the entire World Cup. This is my honest opinion”. Goal difference is better.

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