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Flight canceled hours before the earthquake: Christian Atsu was killed in Turkey

Haganei’s agent confirmed that he was found lifeless, the Taysspor representative revealed: the player was supposed to fly to France, but a winning goal changed his mind

Christian Atsu’s agent in Turkey, Murat Ozonmehmet, updated this morning (Saturday ) in tragic news: the Taysspor footballer was found lifeless, after being trapped under the rubble following the deadly earthquakes that struck the country. As you may remember, there were initially false reports regarding the blasphemer, in which it was claimed that he was alive and safely taken to the hospital, but in reality Atsu was trapped under the rubble and in the end the disaster claimed his life. In the last day, a detail was revealed that makes the story even sadder: Atsu was supposed to flyto France in the hours before the earthquake, but canceled his ticket after scoring a huge winning goal with a free kick the evening before the disaster. “He was supposed to go to visit his family, but after he played well and scored, he canceled the ticket. The earthquake happened on his happiest day. The flight was supposed to leave at 11 at night, the earthquake happened at 4 in the morning. Just a tragedy.” , one of the Taispor people told Turkish Radio.

Atsu, 31 years old at the time of his death, played with the Ghana national team in the World Cup and wore, among other things, the uniforms of Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton and Bournemouth. The Thaispor, by the way, was criticized by the actor’s associates for its conduct regarding the search for him after the earthquake.

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