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Di Maria exerts pressure: “Messi must play in the next World Cup”

The hero of the finals of the Argentina team sent a message to the biggest star ahead of 2026: “He is the best in history and should be there”

Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria decided not to retire from the Argentina team after winning the World Cup two months ago, but in “Hatreya” pretty much gave up the chance to participate in the World Cup in 2026, he sent a clear message to his best friend: you have to play. “Messi should be in the next World Cup, he is the best player in history,” Di Maria said yesterday (Friday) in an interview with ESPN. Being there can be important,” the Juventus winger admittedAnd the Albiceleste, who scored as I remember in the final against France. “Messi won seven Ballon d’Or, World Cup, Finalsima, Copa America, won everything with Barcelona. He is the best and he must be.” Maria was asked to explain why he placed the flea before the great Diego Maradona: “For me, he is the best in history. Diego is Diego, I take my hat off to him. He supported me when everyone went against me, but in my mind Leo is the best.” Passing his 35th birthday, added: “If Diego was in the final, he would have been amazed. It would have been very beautiful to see Leo lift the trophy and Diego would bethere”.

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