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Djokovic: “They don’t know what happened to me. Considering the circumstances, this is the biggest victory of my life”

The Serbian celebrated the win in Australia in an emotional way: “One of the most challenging tournaments I’ve had in my life”. McEnroe also admitted: “I have never seen him so excited”

Another chapter in the legend: Novak Djokovic won the Australian Championship today for the 10th time in his career, and once again left the tennis world thrilled with another impressive sporting display, On the way to the history books. The Serbian continued his wonderful control in Melbourne, after defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final 3:6, 6:7 (4), 6:7, won the 22nd Grand Slam title in his career and equaled Nadal as the all-time leader. Nola, who went 0:10 in the finals in Australia, also returned to first place in the world, and at the end of the game he cried in a rather unusual way, implyingwho went through not easy days. Among the Grand Slams, Nola has indeed compared to Rafael Nadal with 22 (both are above Roger Federer with 20), but he is also above them in the other indicators. Today the match returned to the top of the world in the 374th week of his career, with Federer having “only” 310 weeks and Landal 286.

“It was a great battle,” said Djokovic at the end, turning to Tsitsipas, “this is not the last final Yours, you are one of the most professional players in the round, and one of the most interesting players I’ve met, I already told you that.” Djokovic said that “neither Serbia nor Greece have a great tradition of tennis, so the message is to every young tennis player in the world, who watches us and dreams – dream big, everything is possible”. According to him, “the journey of me and my familyWe’ve moved on, I don’t know where to start. I appreciate the patience, love and support you give me. Why are you laughing Goran? I don’t know if you’ll forgive me for everything I’ve done to you over the years, but this title is yours just as much as it is mine.” Djokovic added that “It was one of the most challenging tournaments I’ve had in my life. After not playing last year, and coming back this year… Thanks to everyone who made me feel at home. There is a reason why I played the best tennis of my life precisely here, in front of Rod Leiber. It’s a long journey, only my family and my team know what we’ve been through in the last 4-5 weeks, and considering the circumstances, it’s the biggest win of my life.” Grand Slam title number 22: NovakDjokovic won the Australian Championship, as much as they please him, he will break out: Novak Djokovic enjoys closing the Grand Slam for you for the first time in his career: Sabalanka won the Australian Championship

“I have never seen him as excited as I saw him today”, Commentator and former player John McEnroe said, “He’s a phenomenal player, and also a phenomenal person. I’m his age, I didn’t have his fire, because of the kids. But Nola is focused on the goal, and that takes a lot of sacrifice, a lot of determination, and that’s what separated the big three For everyone else. They are hungrier, more disciplined, and do what is required.” Tim Hanneman: “He is a player who raises the bar mentally, physically and technically for the entire industry, and this is not his last title.He broke all the records, and this is not the last word.” Mats Wilander: “He manages to adapt to every situation, every injury, every situation off the field. 22 Grand Slams is amazing, but so are the other career numbers. To win in many tournaments, in Tel Aviv, in Kazakhstan, it shows the determination”.

* Djokovic completed his 28th victory in a row at the Australian Championship, a tournament record that he already broke in the semifinals (the previous record was 26, by Andre Agassi between 2000 and 2004). * Djokovic’s unimaginable record in the finals in Australia: 0:10! * Djokovic, who had a career 373 weeks in first place, returned to the world top for the first time since last June. * Djokovic still Did not lose this year, and roseto a balance of 0:12 in 2023. Overall, since the start of the grass season last year, Djokovic is 2:38 in his last 40 matches. * Djokovic won tournament number 93 in his career and moved up to fourth place all-time, behind Jimmy Connors (109), Roger Federer (103) and Ivan Lendel (94), above Rafael Nadal (92).

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