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Djokovic charges for the title of “Greatest of All Time”, his coach: “He’s going crazy”

Congratulations from Federer, the plan for Roland Garros, tensions with his father and “the fire in the heart and the never-ending passion”: Djokovic makes it clear that he is still hungry, his coach revealed the “madness” surrounding his injury

with His tenth trophy and the title of Australian champion, Novak Djokovic took a photo this morning (Monday) in the botanical gardens in Melbourne alongside many fans and dozens of photographers and media, and admitted that he is still hungry and intends to attack more and more titles, on the way to becoming the GOAT, the greatest of all time. Yesterday, Djokovic beat Stephanos Tsitsipas in the Australian Championship final and won the 22nd Grand Slam title in his career. He equaled Rafael Nadal as the all-time best, but while Nadal is 36 years oldDealing these days with more and more injuries, Djokovic proved throughout the tournament that he is still in his prime. Roger Federer, the third on the list of greats with 20 Grand Slams, congratulated Djokovic and wrote to him in a post “Amazing match, again!”, and apparently he also knows that the Serbian is never-ending. The more they torture him, the more he will break out: Novak Djokovic Enjoy shutting your mouth. Another chapter in the legend: Novak Djokovic won the Australian Championship for the 10th time. Djokovic to Walla! Sport: “I would like my opponents to come to say goodbye to me, like Federer” let me push youMyself to the end. In training, in practices, day after day, for so many years, to continue the same routine and routine of training and travel, which can sometimes be exhausting and uninteresting. But I always remember that there is a bigger goal, and a star that guides me, so in fact this title is the star that guides me, and it’s a challenge that I always strive for.” Djokovic will already try at Roland Garros to win the 23rd Grand Slam that will put him at the top alone, over Everyone, but in fact he has another challenge: to win the 24th Grand Slam in his career and equal Margaret Court – something that Serena Williams tried desperately to do and failed when she got “stuck” on 23. “I really don’t want to stop here,” admitted the Serbian,”And I have no intention of stopping here either. I feel great about my tennis. And I know that when I feel good physically, and mentally present, I have a good chance to win Grand Slams against anyone. I like my chances going forward.” Yesterday, Djokovic broke down in an unusual way after the win, and explained why. “When I went up to the stands I broke down emotionally and burst into tears next to my mom and brother as I hugged them. Because until that moment, I didn’t allow myself to be distracted by everything outside the field, or everything that happened with my injury… It could easily have distracted me, hurt I’m focused, in my game. It takes a tremendous effort and an investment of a lot of energyTo stay present, stay focused, take it in stride, day by day, and see where I can get to.” He returned to Australia a year after the embarrassing affair last year, in which he was expelled from the country for refusing to be vaccinated against Corona and even presented false documents. “I didn’t know How will I be received here, but in general it was a positive experience,” he said.

However, what added to the constant drama around him was his father, who was photographed with Russian protesters shouting words of support for Russia. Following the media storm, his father decided not to make it to the semi-final match against Tommy Paul, and then also didn’t show up for the final to be by his son’s side in the big moment. “I thought things would calm down a bit in termsThe media and everything, but it’s not,” Djokovic said of his father. “We both agreed that it’s better for him not to be there. It hurt me, and it hurt him, because these are very special and rare moments, and who knows when they will return. It was not easy for him. I saw him after that, and although he hugged me, I saw that he was a little sad. But he told me that what’s important is that I feel good on the field, that I win, and that if it’s better for him not to be in the stands for the victory, then so be it. But the main thing is that the ending was good.”

Yesterday the whole tennis world saluted Djokovic. “Haha, I told you,” Nick Kyrius wrote, “we created a monster. Well done Novak. I sat on the couch and watched the whole show, trying to soak it all in… He’ll get you tooThe 28th Grand Slam. “Easy”. For the Dubai tournament in February, that means he will rest until the start of the clay season, then arrive ready for Roland Garros, the tournament where he and Vandal may go head-to-head for their 23rd title.

According to his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, The injury he suffered before the tournament was serious. “Let’s put it this way: I’m not saying 100 percent, but 97 percent of the players who get an MRI like that on Saturday night before the tournament,Go straight to the referee’s office and announce your withdrawal from the tournament. But not him,” Ivanisevic said, “he gave his all. And every day it got better. I didn’t expect it… ok, one round, or two, but after that I was really scared. But he went on and on and finally won the tournament… he’s getting crazier and crazier, I can tell that. Madness in a positive sense, of course.” About Nola’s battle against Nadal, Ivanisevic said: “It’s a battle between Spain and Serbia… Now the result is 22:22. It’s going to be very interesting this year. There are young players, there is a big future for tennis, but these two are still struggling. Now we were at Nola’s home court, and next time we will meet at Rafa’s home court. ItAmazing. They really pull each other to the edge”.

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