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Celebrations in the Davis team: “The guys showed a huge heart and did an amazing thing”

Yoni Ehrlich was elated after the comeback from 2:0 to 2:3 over Latvia: “A tremendous victory, Oliel rose like a lion”. Avi Peretz: “I’m very optimistic”

The Davis team completed a wonderful comeback today (Sunday), when they came back from 2:0 to 2:3 against Latvia in Riga, and survived in the world house number 1. Daniel Zuckerman and Idan Leshem They started the turnaround with a victory in the doubles match, and after Friday Oliel won the singles match and tied the score at 2:2, Zuckerman closed the matter and gave the signal for the celebrations. Yoni Ehrlich, the captain of the team, concluded by saying: “A tremendous victory, truly a tremendous victory. I told them last night that we got a slap in the face, but not a knockout. We gained strength from the doubles victory and the players came back in an unusual way. YeshiOliel came up like a lion after an injury and Tsuki showed a huge heart and finished a great game. I am proud to be their captain. Everyone went all out this week, I knew I would have to play all three to handle the load. I prepared Yishai the other day and that’s what was going to happen, we knew he would go up to the fourth game and he did it in the best possible way.” Ehrlich also said: “There were huge victories for Davis, we will not forget what Amos and Gilad did or us against Chile, but the friend They showed a huge heart and did an amazing thing today. They deserve a huge hug. After they got the lead yesterday, it’s not easy to come like newcomers and go up with your back to the 12th wall at noon knowing that you have to take three points. Except they are mighty heartedThey also showed quality tennis, which is no less important.”

The chairman of the union Avi Peretz added: “We are in a storm of emotions, according to what I understand we have never come back from a 2:0 deficit to win. We knew that the doubles match was critical and could change Momentum, Yishai went up to prey and he preyed like a man, he trained all week like an animal. I remind you that not long ago he underwent surgery. In the last game it was simply a heart, you will hear more about this Latvian player, his rating is a lie. There was a heart, there was a heart Soul of the whole team, support of player to player, team, medical team, they went to sleep yesterday knowing that it is not lost. We are doing actions that they did not do to promote the future, but these guys are the present. The country is veryis helping us, we also have talks with the new minister, I am very optimistic about the future. We are aware of the present, these are not the ratings we were once used to, but I am very optimistic. With such a wind and shell, it is possible to go even further.”

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