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Boblik went on a rampage, in Ukraine they rejoiced: “typical behavior for Russians”

The Kazakh-Russian broke three rackets in 25 seconds, the Ukrainian media reported in Shashon: “What a psycho! Typical Russian aggression”

Mental breakdown – from a sporting point of course – of the tennis player Alexander Boblik, became the reason for a small party in the media Ukrainian. It all started last night (Wednesday), when the tennis player ranked 50th in the world lost to Gregoire Barrer in the first round of the Montpellier tournament – which he won last year. Boblik, ranked sixth in the tournament, lost to the Frenchman (75th in the world) 6:4 in the first set and won the second 6:7 after a break A long tie that ended at 12:14. The third set also dragged to a tiebreaker and that’s where Boblik’s crash began. The 25-year-old tennis playerMade mistake after mistake, fell behind 6:0 and broke three rackets on the court one after the other within 25 seconds. The spectators were amazed, the referee reprimanded, Boblik managed to get three consecutive points and finally lost the tiebreaker 7:3 and was eliminated. 25 seconds? This is an example of the typical behavior of the aggressive Russians”.

Boblik has indeed represented Kazakhstan since 2016, but he was born and raised in Russia and that is enough for Ukrainians to recognize him in moments like this with his homeland. The tennis player who at his peak was ranked 30th in the world recorded the loss in MontpellierHis ninth in a row and he hasn’t won a game since October 2022.

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