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Federer out of the race? “The greatest ever – the one who won the most Grand Slams”

According to Dominic Timm, “Grand Slams are the leading criterion”. Djokovic, then, is on his way there: “He looks young, it’s like he’s 25 years old”

After winning the Australian Championship, Novak Djokovic equaled Rafael Nadal with 22 Grand Slams, thus opening up anew for him The never-ending debate about the identity of the greatest tennis player of all time. Roger Federer has “only” 20 wins, which, according to Dominic Thiem, prevents the Swiss maestro from receiving the ultimate honor. “For me, the Grand Slam titles are the leading criterion that determines who is the greatest of all time, these are the four biggest tournaments in the industry,” said the Austrian , who won one of these himself – the United States Championship, in 2020. “All the rest is thisOK, but what’s actually important is Grand Slams, so the greatest player ever will probably be the one who won the most such tournaments.” Regarding Djokovic’s performance in Australia, Thiem said: “I’m not surprised, he still looks young. Physically and mentally, the way he moves on the court – it’s as if he’s 25 years old. Let’s be honest, he’s the best, so his victory was no surprise.” Novak Djokovic won the Australian Championship for the 10th time Djokovic Lavala! Sport: “I would like my opponents to say goodbye to me too, like Federer”

When asked if he himself is able to return to the top, the Austrian said that he sufferedA series of injuries in the last two years: “I believe so. I’m not there yet, in Australia I had a hard time and I was also injured, but I’ve already recovered”.

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