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Jorge Messi: “He will not return to Barca”. PSG will not go out of their way to keep him

Jorge Messi’s visit to Catalonia ignited a wave of rumors, until he clarified: “We did not talk to Laporte.” Meanwhile in France they claim: the talks with PSG are stalled because the French “are not ready to recreate the circus with Mbappe” zero. A quick visit by Jorge Messi, Leo’s father and who also serves as his agent, ignited a wave of rumors regarding the possibility of a comeback, but Messi the elder was briefly interviewed this evening (Thursday) by the Catalan media and clarified: it will not happen. “I don’t think Messi will return to Barcelona. The conditions are simply not suitable. To be honest, we haven’t talked to LaporteAnd we didn’t even receive an offer from Barcelona”.

Despite the procrastination and difficulties in the negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain, all the signs show that he is on the way to a new contract in the French capital. In Argentina, they reported this evening that the reports of an explosion in the negotiations between Messi and PSG. G are wrong, and despite the slow progress in the talks, Messi is expected to stay. Representatives of Messi and PSG met and scheduled another meeting that is expected to take place in the coming days. PSG is actually the only team that Messi is currently negotiating with. On the other hand, according to a report on the French website “RMC”, there is still a sense of stagnation in the talks between Messi and PSG, and in fact the French team is not willing to do anything extraordinary to make himto extend a contract. “After the circus with Mbappe last summer, PSG makes it clear that it will not behave in the same way with Messi”.

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