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“This is the character that is needed for this level”: Gloch showed sparks in the European debut

The 18-year-old midfielder got 12 minutes against Roma, the Portuguese commentator had time to get excited: “He wants the ball all the time. Looks like a good player”

Oscar Gloch is starting to acclimate to Salzburg. The 18-year-old midfielder made his European debut this evening (Thursday), when he came on in the 82nd minute in the round of 16 match of the European League against Roma. Although Gloch didn’t hesitate much, his entry brought freshness to Red Bull’s game, and six minutes after he came off the bench, Salzburg scored the goal that set up a 0:1 victory. Gloch managed to get a yellow card for wasting time before the final whistle, and his first 12 minutes in a European framework as a Salzburg player were crowned with success. The Portuguese “Ebola” commentator, Luis Mateos,He had time to be impressed by the Israeli diamond: “Gloch played a few minutes, but he showed that he wanted the ball in order to manage the game, which is a sign that he has the character required for this level. He has good control of the ball, and he looks good.”

Gluch will now hope to make his team debut. It may happen in the upcoming league game, on Sunday against Tyrol.

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