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After the great 2:2, Barcelona and Manchester United attack: “The referee deprived us”

Each of the teams is convinced that the refereeing hurt them in the great 2:2 in the Europa League playoffs. The Catalans complained about a penalty that was not whistled, the brother ten argued for Conde’s red card the European. In the game held by the Catalans, Marcus Alonso took the lead, Marcus Rashford continued his fantastic form with the equalizer, Jules Conde scored an own goal and set up a turnaround, until Rafinha sealed the final result. After the final whistle, the two coaches of the teams shook hands and hugged, but hurried to arrive To the referee of the game, MaurizioMariani, in complaints about whistles that their teams did not receive. There was concern in Barcelona that Pedri would be absent for a month, Ten Haah: “Champions League level” Jorge Messi: “He will not return to Barca”. PSG won’t go out of their way to keep him and still stay in Los Angeles? The Clippers started talks with Russell Westbrook

It was a clear penalty, how are we supposed to feel that we didn’t whistle something like that,” said Xavi. “Even against Inter in the Champions League, they didn’t whistle in our favor, and here we are again. I don’t know anymore what a hand touch is that is considered a penalty. It’s amazing in my eyes this decision-making.” On the other hand, Eric Ten Haah attacked the decision not to draw a red card to Conde and award a penalty to the Red Devils: “It was a critical momentFor us in the game and I haven’t watched it again yet, but I can’t understand how Rashford would go down so easily. He touched him, it was a clear touch. Maybe it’s not a penalty for sure, maybe outside the box, but one hundred percent a foul and a red card”.

After the great meeting between the two luxury clubs in Barcelona, ​​the two will compete for the ticket to the round of 16 of the Europa League on Thursday next week (22:00, 23.2) at Old Trafford.

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