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One year since the Ukrainian tennis players arrived in Israel: “They feel like home here”

Mark Shtylov and Maria Kuznetsova, who arrived in Israel after fleeing the war, tied themselves to the country: “We will never forget what they did for us”

In the coming days, the young Ukrainian tennis players Mark Shtylov and Maria Kuznetsova will mark one year since they arrived in Israel and escaped the war in Ukraine As I recall, the two arrived in Israel accompanied by their mothers with great assistance from the Ministry of Sports and the deputy head of the sports director Avi Benvanishti and of course the tennis association which takes care of them from the first moment in Israel. First the two trained at the Kfar Maccabia Club alongside Dimitri Pleitman who coached them in the first months in Israel and in September they are training at the Avihil Tennis Club under the management of ItzikClemens. It is important to note the Maccabi Center and the Maccabiah Village that housed them at the beginning of the journey, the Wingate Institute that hosted them for several weeks and the “Beit Ba Kfar” that houses them today, all the training and activities are completely voluntary and at no cost.

The children are 10 years old and – 12 train in the competitive framework at the club with Valery Semyonov and regularly participate in national competitions and take part in youth league games of the tennis association. At the event held yesterday at the club to mark the anniversary of their arrival, Dr. Galit Shaul, head of the Emek Hafer council, Avi Benvanishti, deputy head of the sports director, were present. Avi Peretz, chairman of the tennis association, Philip Simon holds the sports portfolio in the Vaitzik councilClemens is the manager of the Avihil tennis club. Lena Shatilov, Mark’s mother, said: “We will never forget what they did for us here, the giving on your part is not taken for granted and it warms the heart, we feel at home here in the State of Israel both professionally and socially. Thank you A big thank you to my father Benvanishti, deputy head of the sports director, for the endless help and giving, in helping to get to Israel and living, and to the tennis association for great professional support and connections to the tennis clubs.”

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